Monday, February 8, 2010


Unexpected blessings and suprises is how I can best summarize last week. We went to a birthday party for some friends, and it was relaxing and joyful. The adults mingled while the kids ran around the backyard, pinatas were hit, and the verses of Happy Birthday were sung. The kids had fun, and it was an overall success.

Sunday I went grocery shopping with one of my neighborhood friends. She's a big couponer like I am, and going together for groceries, made an ordinary chore a lot more fun. We swapped recipes, talked about what are kids will and won't eat, and how we want to give back to others while supporting ourselves. We have made a plan to do this more often, seeing as we had a lot of fun doing it.

The week was filled with playdates and helping out in M's class. I gained a new appreciation for all that teachers go through when I worked alone w/ the student teacher while M's teacher was away for a funeral. It reminded me of how I was in my Master's internship-the level of skill, the responsibility, knowing how to connect concepts with practice, it was a lot. I was partly glad it wasn't me-if only because I don't think I'm cut out for a full time teaching job, but I appreciated all the effort that went into getting the work done. Seeing how well the kids were doing with the lessons too-it was awesome.

We lounged around in V town on Saturday while R studied at the college. I took the boys downtown, and we window shopped and found decorations for our Valentines Day cards. I also found some scrapbooking materials at a fabric store that was having an amazing clearance sale. What made the day the best-it was a day w/o using the single stroller. E walked the entire time, mellow child that he is, stayed close to me, and his brothers held his hands while I paid for our purchases. It was exhausting at times, but seeing how well behaved he was out of the stroller, how independant he's becoming, I know its only a matter of time before we're done with the stroller for good.

Yesterday was all about football. Had football food, wine, beer, chips, it was all delicious and fattening, and freeing-because we weren't racing off to somewhere or out and about. It was a ton of fun-and seeing all my boys running around after a touchdown was made-definitely a wonderful sight. M asked what is on after football now-seems he grew quite attached to watching it. I told him racing season will start, as basketball games. Given that we've been playing the sports after watching them, we may have a basketball court in our future once the playgrounds near by dry out. I hope to catch some local races too, but we'll be watching from the bleachers-not out on the track just yet ;)

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