Thursday, February 4, 2010


How the week flew by. R's back in school, it was a full week this time, and nighttime with three active boys is so different when he's home. I thought it would take a long time to readjust to flying solo on school nights, but now I have a good friend who we're rotating homes with on one of those nights, switching off meals and playtime, with mom time included too. Its been a blessing, I love it, the boys love it, and coming home and hoping into bed, they really burn off some extra energy on those nights, making bedtime easier. At the same time, I am already looking forward to the warmer weather, if only so I can prep our garden while the boys play (and exert) that after dinner energy (and us moms can enjoy the outdoors too).

I thought I took more pictures this week, but between the driving back and forth to bring R to school, playdates at the park, having R have back pain (which is better now), and helping out at M's school, this week flew by. I don't know how we managed to eat at home, or keep the laundry and dishes under control. It was a lot going on, and seemed like we were barely home (maybe that's why the house wasn't trashed, but doesn't necessarily explain still how we kept up w/ the dishes and laundry). I will remember to keep the camera with me more often, leaving it by the computer does not help with the desire to take pictures :)

An update: we did keep our January goal of donating to the food bank. E was my helper this time, I think he would have cleared out our pantry if I left him with empty bags to fill. It felt good to keep that goal its one I hope doesn't lose momentum by April, or the summer.

G with E, on a rare morning home. I love how E adores G, they play differently when its just the two of them, and M's not home from school.

the boys cuddle up before I read them a story.

M's been wanting to take a self portrait of us, so this was our attempt w/ him "helping" hold the camera.

The last three are a series of pictures I snapped while E was bagging the donations. He was having a good time, stacking and sorting, filling the bags for us to bring to the food bank. And on a side note, its pictures like this-him enjoying the simple act of stacking cans, that make me smile at the carefree nature of a two year old, and cherish how fleeting this time really is.

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