Thursday, February 11, 2010

reminders to appreciate the small things

This week has been a buzz of playdates, helping out friends, taping for a tv show, and the all important holiday Valentines Day, of which I'll write of tomorrow, or Sat, but not tonight. Most nights I've been up, working on projects, trying to keep up on the household chores, just so I can keep going full force during the day. I've come so close to hitting that point of being overwhelmed, but thankfully, have stopped short. Nothing has changed though-not R going to school, the kids testing my patience of being alone during the long days/nights, seeing how crazy and hard school fundraisers can be to pull off, yet my attitude has shifted.

I read posts from friends far and close about their lives, meet with them for coffee, alongside the curb at drop off and pick up time, talk with them over the phone, email, chat, all sorts of ways. I talk with my MIL, my husband's aunt, my dad and siblings. It never fails how any problem I seem to be facing seems so insginificant in comparison to someone else. It really drives home the fortunate state of our family, how the world works in mysterious ways. It hits me when M and G ask questions, and more, about the questions they will ask one day. I don't know I will have an answer then. Like with anything else, I'm just going to see how stories unravel, the places we travel, and the people we meet along the way.

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