Tuesday, June 19, 2012


***I thought I posted this a few weeks ago, and while changing a few things, realized I hadn't been pressing "post" Oops! I will be making those corrections, and getting the posts live. I am going to change the dates though, no reason why they should all say today's date when they were written weeks ago.***

Summer started two weeks ago at our home, and its been a slow and steady stream of fun activities. I am taking a different approach to the break, one I didn't expect to take, yet is working in our favor. My basic plan is to get out of the house everyday, whether its for a cold treat or a trip to the park. Only in thepast few days has it been too hot to venture out, but we've still made the best of it and have gone outside.

I have asked the kids about their favorite activities thus far, and I think for them it's a tie between time for legos and fort building. For me, its been family vacation bible school. For the past two weeks, we've gone to church on Wednesday nights, and have had arts and crafts, games, and a family dinner. It has been uplifting and carefree, and just open time for us to be together.

I have been taking pictures, yet have most of them on the desktop, or on my phone or facebook. We recently replaced our desktop with a new-to-us laptop, and I plan to add photos here so I can share how the kids have grown. It tends to be one of those things that have fallen to the back burner as of late, in part because the older computer was dreadfully slow. I am happy I'm capturing these moments, the kids are growing and changing right before my eyes. I wouldn't change a thing.

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