Thursday, June 21, 2012

Open House

The schools hold open house at the end of the school year for family and friends to see the students accomplishments during the school year. It was a fun activity for us as a family, we took a family picture at each school (which are on the external hard drive, so those will be uploaded later). The boys were excited to show their work, and it was fun to hear them talk about being in the same school next year, along with Elijah at the kindergarten school. It didn't hit me just how fast the school year went until I saw pictures from the beginning of the school year. Oh how my boys have grown!
This is what greeted us in Gabriel's classroom.

Rebecca's fascinated by the baby pictures, all from the students in the class.

Gabriel was proud of all his accomplishments in first grade.

Gabriel looks so young here, taken during the first weeks of the school year.

Matthew was showing me his art work which had been displayed in his class.

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