Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas, as a family of six

Christmas Eve was mellow at home this year. Rebecca and I hung out with the boys, and we supervised while they made sugar cookies for Santa and his crew. I took these pictures of Rebecca that morning, and it strikes me just how tiny she is-this is a 0-3 month outfit, and its huge on her. I cannot get enough of her tiny toes-so precious!

The boys really enjoyed making cookies this year, and we enjoyed eating them :)

During the night, Santa appeared...
Christmas morning, all four children were up at 5:40 am! Let me say, I was thankful for my make ahead breakfast casserole and crock pot hot chocolate-it kept me from falling asleep at the stove! The boys dove into their treats-Matthew loved his pen from one of his brothers.

Elijah loved the candy canes from his stocking.
Robert showed off the reindeer ring that one of the boys bought for Elijah.
Rebecca has the right idea-she slept!
Gabriel and Mommy enjoyed hot cocoa.
Granda MA and my dad made these travel book kits for each of the boys-each kit had two reading books, and a nature activity book that they could bring with them in the car when we travel. It was a thoughtful homemade gift :)
Matthew and Gabriel also received a puzzle to share from Grandma MA and my dad.
Santa brought the boys one gift for them to share this year-an electric train set. The boys dove right in and started to play with it.

Rebecca received a stuffed lamb from Grandma MA and my dad.
Looking at Rebecca later on Christmas day, I see her looking like Gabriel :)
Happy faces all around
It wasn't long before the 5:40 wake up finally tuckered everyone out.
I cooked our annual Christmas dinner-and was proud of how it came out.
The kids wanted me to have a picture of us parents eating our Christmas dinner-I feel like this photo sums up the combination of exhaustion and elation we feel from expanding our family. I don't mind it-because I know we'll cross over the hurdles of sleep deprivation soon enough, and Rebecca is totally worth it.
Our beautiful sons and daughter :)
We took the family to the zoo on the day after Christmas. I was so happy that the sky had cleared up, since it had rained consistently through Christmas Eve and Christmas.

Rebecca snug in her seat.

I wonder how tall Gabriel will be-especially when I see his dad's height when standing in the same spot.

Gabriel and mommy
Joy ride anyone?
It was definitely more laid back and relaxed this year, but still spiritual and heartfelt- a holiday to remember.

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