Friday, July 2, 2010


We started the week off with a birthday party for one of our family friends. Pictures from my end were sparse because it was extremely hot and I was feeling fatigued from morning sickness. It was a great afternoon of pool play, barbecue food, and homemade ice cream and cup cakes. The kids came home exhausted so I knew they had fun too.
Monday morning I took the boys to the zoo, and frolicked with the animals. We took our time enjoying the shade, and the boys each rediscovered their favorite animals. It seemed like one big winner were the chimpanzees.
I have pictures of M when he was younger with this gorilla, starting from when I used to push him in a stroller. It always makes me smile to see how he's grown up when I see him in the same place but at different ages.
Elijah was fascinated by all the animals. He walked a lot more, and only used his stroller at the end of our excursion. He has already asked me when can we go back again.
We made a family trip to the Bay Area towards the end of the week for my sister's college graduation. This was definitely a trip worth going on, as it was a time to reconnect with all my siblings and my dad, who was flying in from the midwest for the event. Here's a shot of the football field at CSU East Bay. The back sections of white chairs were for family (where we were sitting) and the front sections were for the graduates.
We had to be on the field at 8am for the ceremony, so it was a crisp and bright way to start our day. The kids had already been up for a couple of hours, but they were excited to see what happened.
G saw his aunt as she was walking to her seat. He was over the moon to get such a good view of her!
M (notice the tooth missing?!) was so happy too :)
My youngest brother Justin and his girlfriend Jennifer.
Halfway through the ceremony E fell asleep (poor guy) and had a nice nap with his Zadie (my dad)
Another shot of E with Zadie.
The graduate after the ceremony!
The boys shared their congratulations with their aunt.
I loved this shot of G, a vision of what he may experience in the years ahead.
On our way back to the graduation party.

My brother Brian feeding E his hotdog.
The siblings in reverse order-Justin (21), Stephanie (25), Brian (28), and me (30)
the siblings plus our dad
The whole crew-Justin and his girlfriend Jennifer, Brian and his girlfriend Claire, my dad and Mary Ann, myself, Robert, E; in the front Stephanie and her boyfriend Daniel, G and M
E was still worn out, but kept on going, took a break by sitting with Daniel at the picnic table
One night while we were on vacation, my dad and Mary Ann watched the boys so Robert and I could go see a movie. It was great how this vacation went because we shared a suite with them (love Priceline!) and that made it easier to go out and let the kids hang out and then go to bed.
M tried to take a picture of me on the balcony, showing the baby bump that is slowly appearing (15 weeks)
The beautiful view of the East Bay hills from our hotel room.
Before we headed home, we took the kids the the Children's Discovery Museum where we have a membership. G loves the firefighting outfits every time we go there.

E checked out the new Bob the Builder exhibit.

M wanted a picture with Bob the Builder :)
E watering the flowers in the garden.
The Children's Museum has a wonderful room set up for children 5 years and under (and siblings can come too) that is all about the five senses. Every time I go in there I'm in awe of all there is to see, and how my kids love to explore their surroundings.
The following day when we returned from our trip, we headed out cherry picking with Moms Club. My friend Katie came out with her boys, and we all had a fabulous time.
The boys went straight for the cherries!

E curled up w/ Mom for a picture.
See the cherry hanging on the tree?
The bag was very heavy by the time we left. The boys picked over three pounds of fruit and it smelled wonderful.
We came back home and the kids played and cooled off. Katie and I talked about going to the coast and finding another u-pick farm for the kids to check out, so that's something we'll look into in the months ahead before school starts. Later in the afternoon the boys and I went to the summer reading program at our library, and had fun dancing and singing to songs. It was a nice way of finishing off a very warm day.

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