Saturday, July 3, 2010


We had the opportunity to go to Wild Water (a water park) with friends from our playgroup and it was a fantastic adventure. I was a bit skeptical since I had yet to take the three boys to a place like this alone, but since I have been taking them on more outings this summer I see it was a trip worth going on. I loved getting soaked in the water, and we had a nice shady seating area to keep our picnic cool. The kids were able to run off and check back with me throughout the morning/afternoon, and we were all tired by the time we went home.

The older boys went on a field trip with their summer camp on Thursday, and had a fun time. They were so excited about checking out our town by foot, and I was thrilled at how much fun they are having. The stories they tell me and the friendships they're making are reassurance that this was something fun for them.
On Friday we went to preschool yoga at the V library. It was so cute to see all the boys doing the poses, and they really got into it! It made me curious about checking out some yoga for them to do here at home on hot summer afternoons.

On Sat, we went as a family to the park and participated in a free event for families in town. All the boys got their arms painted, and I enjoyed the cool shade. There were also free food and bounce houses for the kids; an overall pleasant way to spend an afternoon.

Sunday morning we took Daddy out for breakfast-a treat for the whole family!
We then went to Woodward Park to check out the trails and enjoy the sunshine. The kids had fun exploring on the playground and checking out the creek beds.

my pregnant profile, 16 weeks
M checking out tadpoles in the water
such a nice moment with the boys. oh and about the clothes-M got E dressed, so that explains the open overalls ;)

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