Wednesday, April 11, 2012

be still

Be still. and listen. Too many odd happenings since his grandfather passed late Monday night HI time/predawn hours of Tuesday morning CA time. I've been inclined to look up homeless issues-where I got my start-and realized I hit my ten year college graduation from the social work program at the end of next month. I gave a silent prayer this morning after dropping off the boys that we had a roof over our heads and are dry and warm. At a MOMS Club play date this morning, the issue of homelessness came up. I was listening to the Dave Ramsey program on the radio on the way home, and heard a story similar to someone I knew who lived here locally-and they mentioned too many facts, including that they had previously lived in my area, which made me realized-it could very well be one and the same. They spoke of trailers and financial issues, having children, it struck me. By themselves it would not seem like anything more than just coincidences. Yet, I feel like I'm trying to piece together a puzzle. Its a bit disconcerting. I have to be still. Listen. The answers will come, or maybe all this will make sense.

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