Sunday, April 7, 2013

Passover 2013, clean eating, April

The spring air is invigorating this morning, and I have my phone fixed (yay for posting again!). I am going to upload the FMS pics for April during downtime tonight, also have pictures from Spring Break (what a fun-filled week that was!)

Passover came and went, and I am proud to say I abstained from bread/flour/grains for the eight days/nights. It was incredibly challenging at time (donuts on our day trip, eating out with the family, Easter brunch) but I made it! My body felt different too-mentally and physically, I felt clear headed, and ready to take on what I had to accomplish. I had to push through the hard parts (day 5 was the biggest challenge), but I chalk it up to not having yet grocery shopped, and being out of produce and fruit. It was much better once I shopped at the farmer's stand and grocery store.

Tomorrow is the start of Jason Vale's Big Juice Spring Clean detox. I asked Robert if he wanted to do it, but he's worried he won't have enough nourishment to go to work and feeling ill all week. In the spirit of doing what I can, we are going to participate in having juice with salads and lean protein. I'm going to limit our intake of grains and flour, but not cut it completely out. I need to maintain my weight, but having the juice and salads/protein in the house will make it easier for Robert to accomplish his goals. I've never been a fan of fad diets or extreme eating plans, but this furthers where we are headed and have been for some time.

April is filled with fun. Kids are now registered for Taekwondo, and Robert is doing it with them. I am planning on doing the women's class since it's free for me. We're just trying to get into the new routine, since Elijah's class time is different than the older boys, and Robert's class is later than all of them. We have the cub scouts pack pinewood derby, Vintage Days at Fresno State, and the women's retreat. This month is going to fly by (and then there are only 7 weeks left of school too!!!) Spring is in the air, and I can't wait to get out and enjoy it in full force. I'll be posting some updates on FB, twitter, Instagram, and here of course. Hope to see you along the way!

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