Sunday, September 9, 2012

Couple time

I have a friend who is just now starting her family and I was struck with a twinge of nostalgia as I saw a picture of them on a date night (before their first baby is born). The days of not having to worry about bedtimes, sitters, prearranging dinner time, and extra clothes, diapers, and wipes-it hit me it's been eight and a half years since we had a completely care free date night. Mind you, now with our fourth child inching closer to two, it has gotten remarkably easier. I don't fret so much about leaving the kids somewhere, or someone staying at our home. I don't worry about the hour and pumping breast milk, or how someone will handle three boys so close in age. The only main concern-as selfish or parent minded as it sounds-is making sure we get safely home so we can start the day together as mom and dad and kids. I made arrangements for a sitter for next weekend-it is long overdue. With all the car issues and school starting for the boys, date night has been pushed to the side. I was reminded by my neighbors today (seriously, it was weird seeing them where I saw them-it was like someone was telling me something!) to spend time together as a couple, not so much as them explicitly saying it, but seeing how they were with each other. I miss that-parenthood has changed that. I look to my friends and have nothing but good wishes for them-parenthood is a new venture, but they are mature, wise adults, and their daughter is blessed beyond words to have them as parents. I'll enjoy where we are in our venture as parents, and next weekend enjoy a much needed respite that will recharge us as mom and dad, and a couple too.,

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