Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Yreka-July 11/12

After we spent half of Wednesday morning in Redding, we drove 100 miles to Yreka, stopping briefly in Mt. Shasta. The weather was extremely hot for us (102 without shade), and given that we had planned on being in Oregon by Thursday, we decided we would do more in Mt. Shasta on the way back home. Yreka was where we spent Wednesday night, and it was a great half way point between Redding and OR.

Yreka is a small town that reminded us a lot of Kingsburg. It had a historical district, which we stopped in. It appeared that a combination of the extreme heat and small town feel caused shops to close before 4pm-but we made the best of it. We found Greenhorn Park, and the Siskiyou County Museum. The boys enjoyed the depictions of searching for gold, and how the miners lived. Robert liked the outdoor museum showing the schoolhouse and church. I found the way the settlers lived fascinating (thanks mom and dad for exposing me to history early on!) We also did the historical house driving tour, and Robert and I enjoyed seeing the different architecture styles. The kids and I went for a swim that evening and cooled off. We had our picnic dinner in the hotel room, which suited us fine since we were comfortably tired from sightseeing, and the downtime was needed. Overall, the town of Yeka was a cute stop, and worth passing through again. Here are some pictures from the museum and park. Enjoy!

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