Saturday, August 25, 2012

OR 7/14-15

We spent many hours exploring Oregon. The kids weren't sitting in their seats for long before we would stop and explore something new. It was breathtaking views, and clean, fresh air. I didn't want to leave. We went on trails, and saw winding rivers up close. These pictures are from the time we spent exploring nature in OR.

We went to Crater Lake National Park, and it was beautiful. Cold, crisp air, and snow- in July! Incredible! We spent time walking around the rim of the lake, went to the visitor's center, and let the boys play in the snow. A fun time was had by all. 

Off the beaten path was a local mom and pop ice cream shop. The ice cream was locally made, and was all natural. The bowls of ice cream were huge and the banana splits were ginormous. It was also at least 25 degrees warmer from when we were at Crater Lake just an hour before, so this was a welcome treat :) We may look tired and ragged, but it was a good exhaustion, from all the sightseeing we had just completed.

Back at Uncle and Aunt's house, the boys played in the front yard.

The brothers relaxed on the back porch.

We all took turns on the tree swing, wheeeeeeeeeee!!!

Everyone wants to stay here, its beautiful at night, and during the day. Ideal for raising a family. The seed to perhaps move to Oregon one day has been planted.

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