Monday, August 20, 2012

Ashland, OR 7/13

Remember that Association of Science and Terchnology Passport we bought in Sacrament0? Bcause we bought the membership pass there, we were able to get into ScienceWorks Hand On Museum in Ashland. It was a lot of fun for the kids, and was something different for us as a family. Robert was again very happy that I bought the pass, seeing how many places we can go, and will be able to go with it. We will definitely return there, hopefully in the spring. 


 The boys all had the opportunity to make slime! Gooey, gooey, slime!

 Time to play with bubbles!


 There was a super fun toddler room, it was just Rebecca's size. She was happy to roam around with Robert or myself while the rest of us explored the museum. There was definitely something for all ages at this place!

 A trip to Medford, OR is not complete without a tour of Harry and David. Moose Munch, truffles, fresh fruit, oh my! The kids were fantastic on the 1 hour (yes, that was a long tour!) of the factory. We were surprised that Rebecca lasted w/o any meltdowns, considering the full morning at the science museum. I have to admit, it was hard to practice restraint when it came to the gift shop-the 108+ degree weather back at home though kept me from overbuying sweets and chocolate treats. This is definitely a "must see" when passing through OR.

 Finally, we went to meet Robert's brother, Ed. Three years apart in age, its been far too long since they've seen each other. Ed and his wife Norma welcomed us into their home for dinner and conversation, and we spent the next few days spending time with family.

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