Monday, August 20, 2012

Ashland, OR 7/12

We made it!!! 484 miles according to Google Maps, we made it to Ashland, OR. Green trees, amazing views, friendly people, amazing!!! Now that we got to Oregon, I can fill you in on the primary reason we drove all this way. Robert's half brother (they share the same dad) lives in the area. We wanted to visit him for years, but never had the opportunity. This was the year we made this trip happen. It was worth every.single.minute of unplugged (no electronics)-car-time our kids spent with us on this adventure! Beautiful! I touched base with a mom I know who one lived there, and asked her if there was anything worth seeing; she told me she went to college there and loved it, so I knew I was in for a good time. We were so excited when arrived! The first stop we made was Lithia Park, can I just say gorgeous? Beautiful grounds, amazing views, I could have spent all weekend there doing absolutely nothing and being completely content. It is definitely on our places to return to, and spend more time. The kids played on the playground, and then we made our way to the creek. Tadpoles, cold water, it was a Central Valley, CA kid's paradise, hahaha! We were so happy to cool off after all the hot weather we had experienced, I think it was the mid 80s, and back home it was closer to 105 degrees. Pure bliss. We spent the afternoon at the park, and then went out for dinner at a pizza place, Martolli's, that was recommended by a visitor's center for being delcious, reasonably priced, and family friendly. It was local, organic, and amazing! The kids tried something new (Quattro Foirmaggi, way different than just mozzarella) and we had the Tuscany. Delicious! We had been eating so many picnic style mals on this trip,it was a definite treat to eat here. The long night ended with us reaching our hotel in nearby White City. It's a five minute drive to see Robert's brother, and tomorrow is the day we get to meet him :)

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Dana said...

Sounds like a great time! You guys are so adventurous! :-)