Thursday, August 30, 2012

7/15-Foodie in OR

Travel through Oregon, and you need to see what foodie adventures are available. I'm one of those people that likes things off the beaten path, and will stop a take a peek-so that's exactly what we did. 
One stop was Butte Creek Mill

We showed the boys an old refrigerator, their first words "Wow, it's small!"

From The Food Network, The Rogue Creamery. I really wished it wasn't 100+ temps facing us on the way home, because there was so much cheese and dairy products I wanted to purchase, but would have spoiled on the drive home. We settled for samples and a self guided tour of how cheese was made.

Lillie Belle Farms Artisan Chocolate was across the parking lot from the Rogue Creamery. 

We drove from Oregon to Sacramento on the way home-we weren't quite sure how it would go, but we decided to stay in Sacramento and visit with family there longer than stay in another hotel for a night or two. The kids were awesome travelers, as many hours as we went, and places we explored, they adapted well. While sometimes its hard traveling with a big family, this trip was one of those memory makers that I remember the good stuff, and the bad, well, it just makes for some interesting family stories.

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