Thursday, May 24, 2012

The wheels on the van

This happened last week, yet life was busy, and I didn't post "post". So here it is ~J

I was driving home Thursday afternoon with Rebecca, a warm 92 (from my dashboard) outside, when I started to hear this rumbling noise, and the steering wheel began to shake. There was no apparent reason for it, but it caused me to head to the right-with the hopes of making it off the freeway to look at what was going on. I never made it. This is where I ended up

 ~stuck in between the furthest right lane of traffic, and the oncoming lane of traffic from the exit right before me. Stuck. I hit my driver's side rearview mirror on the sign that was right behind me, thankfully it smashed that instead of me hitting it head on. I had to shift the van into park, as the brakes weren't working-as it turns out-the rear tire on the driver's side screwed everything up-and made it hard for the car to stop. We (Rebecca was in the carseat behind me) were fine. Scared but fine. She stayed asleep-thankfully for the 45 minutes it took for the tow truck to come. I called Robert and we both called CHP-and I also called a friend who worked near by (who thanks to picking up extra work, was still at work). Robert came home to pick up the boys, and my friend took me and Rebecca home. It was quite the ordeal-trying to work as quickly as possible without freaking her out-getting her car seat switched over from one vehicle to another-in the middle of the tiny space we were standing, with cars zooming by on either side of us. We brought the van to the repair place in town we've been using the past two years. From what he could tell, it appears the tire blew. I found out Friday morning, that's all the damage there was-besides the body damage done when I hit the sign saying a lane was merging on the freeway. Overall, very happy with the outcome. $200 later, there was peace of mind that the car was running and a new tire was in place. I have a dear friend, Heather, who by chance happened to help again Friday afternoon by giving me and the two younger ones a ride to pick up the van, so we didn't have to walk 40+ min in the warm sunshine to pick it up. I am so glad she's in my life-and Rebecca is safe and sound-the outcome could have been worse, and I'm counting my blessings.

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