Thursday, May 10, 2012


Tomorrow the second crib comes apart.
Tomorrow the changing table gets disassembled.
Both have been unused for, well, a really long time.
The crib had been a toddler bed for Elijah since the one we had for Gabriel, and then him, was no longer usable. The changing table-it has been storage since Elijah was born. It has stored baby clothes, books, diapers, and wipes. It was time for it to move on.
My friend K is expecting her first baby, a girl. I have already given her baby clothes-now I get to give her newborn baby girl clothes, a changing table, and a crib. I am so happy for her and her fiance, both are grounded and ready for this new adventure called parenthood. I offered her what we had-since they are usable, and she is practical-and for what its worth, if she doesn't keep them, I know they will end up wherever someone else can use them. The main point is they are no longer in my home.
Tomorrow will free up some much needed space so the boys and I can map out what our plan is for making their room, their room. No longer the baby, toddler, little boy room. But the cool room.
Matthew has an idea of black wall and flames. That's way too extreme for me-but it goes to show, my boys are growing up.

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