Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Daydreams and reality

I "met" this woman Alice on an expecting board years ago when we were pregnant with our eldest, and since then we've both added to our family-both with three boys-and then I had my last, a girl, and she was blessed with twin girls last year. She wrote this inspiring post, Daydreams, which was guest written for Jennifer's blog. It was perfect timing for me to read and reflect, for the past week had me going in all sorts of directions.

First, the crib. It is gone-that and the changing table. I dismantled both, and along with two boxes of newborn girl clothes, they were brought to my friend last week. She's expecting her first child, and was super excited to receive any hand me downs. We went for lunch at Chevy's with the two younger ones-and I have to admit-considering the weather and dealing with the prep related to getting the delivery made, the kids were awesome. It calls to mind though-realistic expectations. 

This weekend. Complete perfection-on the side that I didn't want for anything other than not to cook or clean, and I did neither for Mother's Day. I slept in, Robert made me breakfast, kids brought me flowers and we relaxed all day. We went to a park, ha a picnic lunch and the kids splashed in the water feature, it was great. The kids ate left overs for dinner, and I didn't have to cook. Perfection. 

This week-multiple field trips, late nights at work, two back to back nights out for me this weekend. Its do-able, but I'm wondering if its insanity or controlled chaos. It changes with the moods of all the kids, or so it seems. 

This brings me to where I sit today-reflecting on the summer with these four incredibly active, entertaining, joyful children of mine. I am wondering how much to sign them up for, what our overall expenses should be, if there's something else that looks better, the list goes on. And then I get this picture today: When I saw it, I laughed, and told Robert, look at us, this is us. We're a hot mess. This is what we look like after a busy day, yet at the end of it, we're together-one mess. This is my treasure. 

I was worried this evening about summer plans. Wondering how I was going to keep four children entertained all summer long; Yet looking at this picture, seeing how we've been blessed with four healthy children within a six and a half year span, and the kids (while they fight like mad sometimes) really love each other, we are so lucky. I count my blessings at night-and have to admit-the "first world" problem of wondering how I will keep my kids entertained this summer is silly. We'll manage. We'll hang out with those who love us for us, who deal with the same stuff as us (or doesn't snub us if they don't). We'll have ice cream for lunch, and make tents out of boxes. Swimming lessons and mountain hikes. We'll more than survive, we'll thrive. 

Tonight I'm blessed to have friends among me whose like minds inspire me when I need a boost ♥

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