Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Perspective over Perfectionism

Ha-in my effort to get this post up, I double checked to see if the image I had taken on Friday was on the computer-yet its not. So the story will have to get posted without it-for now. How's that for perspective over perfectionism?

I lost my cell phone on Thursday night. I realized it right after I had placed Rebecca in her car seat after leaving the store, and drove around the corner. I went back to the store, and asked if anyone turned in my phone. No-it was gone. I went home, thanking my lucky stars that only my cell phone was gone, and not my baby girl. Perspective over perfectionism.

I went home and realized once again how the last text I received was about taking tags off the angel tree at the church where Rebecca and I attend Moms Time Out. I had just gone by there that morning, and taken five tags off the tree. I had chosen a mom and daughter, and a high school student. All could have been anyone I knew in my day to day life. I was glad I had already gone out and purchased the items for those individuals, never mind the fact that I misplaced the wrapping paper I purchased along the way. Perspective over perfectionism.

Life is short-fleeting and beautiful. I work against the grain of perfectionism everyday-its just how I'm wired. I'm taking the time to enjoy the cbildren, enjoy the season. We wrapped our first big set of donations for families and brought them to the church. I think Gabriel got the most out of it-he looked and said, this is going to people who really need stuff. Bless his heart, his face said it all. I wish I could bottle that moment and savor it for a lifetime.

That's perspective over perfectionism.

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