Monday, October 3, 2011

Short and sweet

*should have posted this last night-posting it now.

I'm overdue for bed, but was able to accomplish quite a bit during these quiet hours. My daytime is filled with baby R, who I snuggle and love to bits. The boys are less snuggly, but have been grasping for my hand, my words, my eyes. They seek me out-and I'm doing what I can to be available-so the computer sits. Work sits too, and that's a-ok.

I'm rising above the mess, what comes when there's a mess. Life happens. I am working on seeing things as annoyances, yet the control is sometimes hard to relinquish. Once I let go, I'm at peace. Its getting to that point sometimes that's a struggle. Always wanting to take a full plate on, but learning how to balance seems like its always a struggle.

We scuffled through a week. Eye doctors and soccer, and cub scouts too. Throw in a playdate at a park and one at Chuck E Cheese, topped off by more soccer and a baby shower. I tagged and sold clothes at Just Between Friends too. It has been quite the week. Somehow I made it through, and relaxed today.

We went to a bbq for the buyers at the Fresno Fair today. My friend Heather took us as her guests; the boys loved seeing the behind the scenes at the fair. We ate lamb, and goat, turkey, and something else. The kids played, and Rebecca ate goat. So weird, but so good. Perfect bbq weather. We're buying top off bids for Heather's daughter's lamb, so next year we'll get tickets to the fair and tickets to the bbq. I'm glad we get to help her out; K already said she'll babysit us as a thank you-I'm all for that, but I love family time. Time has a way of going, soaking it up while I can.

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