Wednesday, September 14, 2011


My friend Jennifer at The Path Less Taken shares the same wavelength as me, sometimes more than I realize. She wrote this post about schedules and I found myself nodding along with it. Quite frequently I might add. See, I've been having the same problem. Lately I've felt like I'm spinning my wheels. Everyone gets where they need to be, but the time I've had to myself has slowly whittled away to something almost non-existent. I'm to the point where I'm hoping for a hot shower at 9pm after everyone is in bed so I can wash away the heat of the day and all the stress of getting everything done literally off my back. That's it, a hot shower.

Something has to give. But what? The quick fix of making a schedule, limiting activities, using the crock pot-I do it to some degree; but I need to step it up a notch. I need to take the pressure, as Robert says, to be different from my mom (yes it comes back to that too). I need to find a balance, whatever that might be, for where I am now. Its not the same balance as it was 3 months, 6 months, or even 9 months ago as I prepared for the birth of our fourth child.

I'm working tirelessly to finish one project after another, watching how much I bite off, wanting to see my work completed. Its been getting there-some days are better than others. I've tried stepping it down a notch since a couple of weeks ago-its worked to some degree. Annoyances like car accidents and broken appliances still happen (two incidents that I would like to one day blog about) but life has moved at such an amazing fast pace, that I don't have all the hours in the day to do everything it is I want to do, including blog (which is a great stress reliever and way to journal life with my family).

So for now, I'm not abandoning this blog. Reading Jen's post has given me food for thought. I will mull it over tonight, after we come back from supper at Heather's church (another activity I've been wanting to journal about). I will pray on it. I'll see where this road leads me, what journey awaits.

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