Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Find North

Last weekend, I left Robert at home with four children, three soccer games, two coolers, and one parent's helper so I could have the experience of seeing Dave Ramsey LIVE in Long Beach. It was worth every second of planning. It took planning with my friend Heather, both her family and mine, to support us, and let us go-and it was worth every second. I have found a dear friend in Heather. You see, we can talk about everything under the sun- finances, relationships, parenthood, and womanhood. We hold each other accountable, tell each other our screwups, and offer support to each other. Between her and a couple of other women (one who reads this blog locally) they have offered support, kind words, and still will tell me like they see it. That's friendship ♥ Worth everything to me. The 3 hour 45 min car ride each way was filled with conversation-I don't think the radio was ever turned on and any silence that was there was comfortable silence. It was beyond awesome. I gained a new appreciation for my husband, new appreciation for myself, and respect for others going to this event. This event did not change me or become the catalyst for a major uprising. What it did was provide inspiration, reinvigorate me, and gave me an opportunity to do something for myself and my family. I ♥'d it-so much that I found myself thinking how I was at peace. So weird. Than again, it's normal to be broke. Weird to have (financial) peace. Here are some of my pictures from that day's event. I had captions with them, I'll try to go back and remember what I intended to write down. At the same, some pictures just don't need an explanation.

Dave Ramsey entering the Long Beach Arena-pure adrenaline rush when he entered the room.

How punctuation changes everything. Next time I feel like being a stay at home parent is not worth it, I need to rethink my statement.
Credit cards are not worth all the trouble they create for us. Cash and debit are it. Cutting up credit cards was the best decision we have made in this journey.

I indulged-I bought a book. Two actually (the other one was Gazelles, Baby Steps, and 37 other Things That Dave Ramsey Taught Me About Debt). Both signed by Jon Acoff.
I met Jon too. Down to earth, friendly, well spoken. I follow him on Twitter now too, I find myself encouraged and inspired by his words.
I love this clip of Dave Ramsey speaking about getting Gazelle intense about our money. Inspiring, encouraging, light a fire underneath you, give you shivers.He was so passionate, energetic, the crowd was going nuts.

Racel Ramsey Cruze (his daughter) spoke about FPU Junior, something we're incorporating into life at home.

Loans for school? We'll have funds for our four children to further their education, college or training.
What a common sense concept. Simple. We're not living like the Jones' because we're not the Jones'. When I hear someone went on a trip, bought a big/small shiny object, dined out-I have to admit, I wonder. Did they pay with cash? Its in me (and no I don't actually ask people that-its rude, in my opinion). I do think it though-and enjoy paying for stuff we consume, wear, go to, in cash. It has a nicer feel to it, when a bill doesn't follow you home.

Our marriage, family life, friendship is influenced by how we spend money. I'm looking forward to a debt-free vacation to Vegas next year with my husband to celebrate his big birthday. I love our weekends with our children, activities we do with them, both near and far from home. Hanging out with friends is awesome, in all our backyards, local parks, and wherever a two for one coupon is accepted (and we do all the groupons we can handle too). Life is amazing because we work at it to be-we have this one opportunity to give it our all, so we do.Budget-I'm gladly taking bets on if Rebecca is going to say this word or "coupon" when she learns how to talk.
Inspirational moment. I had goosebumps on my arms. This is what its about-showing each other the money-not being blindsided, rejected, depressed. Those days have happened, emergencies will arise. I always pray for good days, but along with that the wisdom and endurance to get through the tough ones too. Life is far from perfect, but it is what it is, and for that I am grateful.

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