Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dave Ramsey Book Signing

I strive to do fun things with my children. New adventures are around every corner, its a matter of perception. One appeared to me last week, and I thought it would be awesome to take the four children on my own to a book signing. Hmmm, it was no easy feat. 3+ hours in a line for a 2 minute face to face interaction. Worth.every.second. The boys were exposed to something new, I bought a book (eek, full price!), and met Dave Ramsey face to face. Upon telling him that I would be in LA tomorrow for his Total Money Makeover event, he was surprised I was traveling all that way. So excited to tell him, so excited to hear him talk back to me. It was a once in a lifetime moment, and I did it with my children. Robert smiled when I came home, and he said, "I knew you'd take on the challenge. How was it?" I told him AWESOME! He was proud of me, and so was I. I did it!
A smidgen of the crowd waiting to see Dave Ramsey
The boys with their snack waiting to meet Dave Ramsey.
Love my kids-they make me smile everyday!
Love Rebecca's arms-she's like "Hey, you're showing off my diaper!"

Waiting in the line, where we stood for 2 hours.
Still waiting!
Matthew helped keep Rebecca chill while we waited.
Our first glimse of Dave Ramsey!
(Thanks to Crystal for taking these pictures for me!) We got to meet Dave Ramsey :)
He is so down to earth, amazing to see the face of the voice I hear literally almost every day from 11am-1pm on the radio, or on podcasts. I can't wait to dive into his book, More Than Enough. This was one for the memory bank. Good times :)

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