Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bits and Pieces

Life has been going at a fast rate. Its hard sometimes to keep above the fray, I've wondered how much would subside if I unschooled/homeschooled, and wonder still if that would make a difference. The decision thus far is to take each day/week as it comes, reevaluate based on progress/comfort/what's taking place.

We had a meeting with Matthew's teacher on Friday. There are concerns about his learning. Actually, about his eye sight. Not about his vision per se, but more about his perception. It makes sense, actually is logical given what I've personally observed at home. I'm up for taking him to the opthomologist (sp?) that his teacher recommended/worked with in town for umpteen years. Normally I'd be a bit wary, but maybe its my gut-no it is my gut, that's telling me to go with this. I want him to be confident-there's no worry of his being smart, catching on, just a different way of physically completing tasks that has his teacher concerned before the work gets more difficult. I'm up for that.

Today I took all four children to soccer alone, all morning long, while Robert went to his union meeting. This was a huge test, in part because next week is my day trip with Heather. I'm a bit apprehensive, but at the same time, I know my husband is capable. The kids were easy. It was cake. Mind you, I had the 2 mile walk home (I'll call it a perk since it was a success ;) ) We ran into a school friend, who invited us over for a play date. An hour and a half later, we started the walk home. We made a stop at the library. The boys read books, and I enjoyed the break. We made it home and watched Rainbow Brite while Matthew played with a neighbor. It was doable. I managed. I was on my own, car-less, from 8am to 2:45pm, and it was fine. Next week will be a longer day, but Robert will have the car, and a teenager to help him at the soccer field. He should manage.

Now I site, way past my normal hour. Kids are asleep, Robert is too. Laundry is waiting to be folded, new loads already going in both the dryer and washer. The dish machine is loaded, clean dishes put away. My glass of wine is beckoning. Life is amazing. This is what its about. I am beyond lucky to have my husband and four kids. Counting my blessings tonight and always.

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