Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tuesday-burn unit

Tuesday morning Elijah woke up, and his right eye appeared swollen shut. I made the call to drop off the older boys at Vacation Bible School, and call the ped for an appointment. We literally flew to an appointment a half hour later, and were given more ointment and eye drops. The pediatrician was able to look in Elijah's eye, and determined it was fine. She was, however, concerned about the burn itself. She was worried about scarring, since the blisters had come off so quickly after the burn. I was told that a referral would be made, and while I was on my way home to pick up the boys from VBS, I received a call to be at the local hospital's burn unit in 90 minutes. I dropped the older boys off at summer camp, and then picked up Robert who went with me to the hospital. We were seen quickly, and the staff were phenomenal. I had never expected this to happen, but they put us at ease, and Elijah was really brave. We received more ointment, and instruction on how to care for his face. We also have a follow up appointment on Friday to see how his new skin is developing. We were at the hospital for an hour, and I was so glad to leave when we were done. Passing by the waiting room on that floor; all my problems felt so minute, and I was so relieved to have my little boy with me going home.

There haven't been blame games here. Robert and I both know its an accident; even Elijah said it was an accident. I hate that it happened, and both me and Robert would gladly take Elijah's place so he wouldn't be in pain. Elijah slept in our bed again, this time more comfortable and not in so much pain. He was clingy, but that's to be expected. Healing takes time, and we'll do what we need to do to help him.

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