Monday, June 27, 2011


Elijah's burn is healing. The worst looks like its behind us (and I'm not even thinking about medical bills here). We go back on Friday to the burn unit for a third time, hoping it heals more and the skin comes in smooth. Time will tell.

Caribbean chicken salad sounds delicious for dinner this week. We just need a mango, and considering we're low on fruit already this week, we'll add that to our list.

Summer reading program is this afternoon. Kids are going to bring their summer reading logs and get a prize. I'm also taking one of their friends with us-but its a surprise. ♥ it!

Looking for school/life supplies is happening. Always one to stretch our dollars/and conserve resources, I'm finding inspiration and love for reusable sandwich wraps. I found an awesome site that has been given good feedback, as well as; I love, and I'm thinking we'll do a mix of all three sites to buy what we need for our family. I know when its all said and done, it will pay off-I hate waste, and its an easy way of being frugal too.

Our coffeemaker bit the dust last week. I asked for feedback from everyone I knew for recommendations. Their suggestion: Keurig and Bunn. While I love the idea of a one cup machine, both Robert and I drink at least two cups each in the morning, and then maybe a cup in the afternoon when its cooler weather. I love iced coffee too. So between our frequent coffee consumption, and the combination of unfriendly environment k-cups, and the cost of the machine, and the negative feedback on how long the machines last, it was a no-go. Although there were lower end Bunn coffee makers, it was more than I wanted to spend (and the glass carafe was not appealing, as we've broken several in the past). This is what I ended up with: Faberware Percolator. I grew up with my parents owning the stove top version, but with the kids and our lifestyle, I thought this was a good compromise. I will be on the hunt for a stove top one at a thrift store-if I come across one, then great; if not, electric one will be used. Oh, and it was free too. I used survey points to convert into an amazon gift card. Score! It would have had to wait until Friday (payday) only since I didn't want to use the rest of our wiggle room money on a coffee maker since the end of the month is so close, so this made me extremely happy.

I have a lot of pictures from the past week and weekend. Right now, I'm feeling lazy and don't want to connect the camera, the whole nine yards of connecting pictures to the blog. I'll probably do it tonight.

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