Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Monday was a nice, relaxing day. It started out with Vacation Bible School, and the younger two kids and me hanging out in Reedley. It was fun-and the older boys enjoyed themselves. We came home for lunch, and I started to prep the second flat of nectarines for canning. It was going well, I finished all the prep, made the jam, and started to heat the water on the stove. I had all the kids occupied/Rebecca was in her high chair w/ cheerios, and the older three were playing in the playroom. I told the boys to stay out of the kitchen, since I was at the stove. They all understood-they see me there day after day, prepping, cooking, cleaning. I thought it was okay.

Right as I'm getting ready to place the second filled jar of jam into the hot water bath, E comes near me. I told him to back up, since I didn't want the hot water to splash up on him. No sooner do I say those words, a few drops come out of the pan and hit him in the face. He looked at me stunned, and then all hell broke loose.

I immediately applied an ice pack/cold water to his face. When that didn't soothe him, I had the kids get dressed, Matthew buckled Rebecca in her car seat, and we left to go to Urgent Care. I called Robert from the road, and told him I would call him as soon as I knew more. That was the fastest trip to Urgent care-both in getting there and getting seen. The end result: Elijah had second degree burns on his right side of his face, and nearly missed his eye. His eye appeared okay, yet Elijah would not let us near it. The dr. recommended we let him go overnight, and take him to the ped or emergency room if we were concerned with his eye-from the outside, there was no visible burn or injury to it. I made the call to wait-Elijah had calmed down once ointment was applied, and tylenol was given. We made it home, the kids went to bed, and Elijah slept with us. It was a long night-I don't think any of us slept for more than a half hour at a time, but at least we were home.

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