Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Its not them, its me. Sigh......
I had to post tonight:

can someone explain to me the appeal in disassembling a toy-literally, one with tiny screws and somehow rendering the toy inoperable because the pieces to it are spread everywhere? not sure whether to be amused and consider buying an erector set, or be frustrated/angry at the specifics (not to mention that I just bought replacement parts for it so we could have more fun with the toy). sigh....

Matthew disassembled a toy-one I had just bought replacement parts for, ones that took me awhile to find, then order, then wait for the order. I was patiently waiting for a day we could take it to the park and play with it. It was a rocket shooter thing, something I don't understand, but the boys have been fond of. I was so excited. And then I saw him crouched down near his closet, unscrewing tiny screws with a kitchen knife, and I startled him-actually, I was startled too, since I entered intending to do my nightly check in and did not expect a shadowy figure by the corner of the room. I was fit to be tied-I tried asking him what he was doing, but I could sense I was freaking out-yes, over a toy. I had to walk out before I snapped, yes, over a toy. But I walked out because letting loose was not something I wanted to do, and once Robert came out (he had entered the room to see what the commotion was about) I went back in. I crawled into bed with my son, and tried to understand his train of thought. I tried to tell him how I was more worried about him bleeding or getting cut with a knife than anything (which I was too), but most of all, I tried to tell him that I didn't know if I was going to be able to fix his toy *which had been hidden in my closet, which was another point that had me riled up. Sigh....I love my children, I really really do. But after this-not to mention any toy that had had a back is now missing its back (which has happened over the past week), I'm torn. Do I put away toys that have screws, or invest in this?

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