Saturday, June 4, 2011

Don't blink

The days this week were long, but in retrospect, they passed by in a minute. We had end of the school year activities, homework (up until the last day of school) and a junior high graduation. I had a bunco event last night, and enjoyed the company of some of my friends. I set up the installation appointment for our whole house attic fan, swim lessons, planned out weekly activities for this month, and made plans for one of our trips this summer. Its been a whirlwind, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

I loaded up on pictures this week-its striking to see just how big the kids look in comparison to the beginning of the school year. I'll post some up later this weekend. It feels like just yesterday I was pushing the two older boys in the double stroller, wondering how I was going to survive those incredibly hard days of having two children close in age. Yet, now, with both of them in school, one going into second, the other into first, grade next year, and two more little ones with me, it really does go by quickly. I thought about my friend K, whose son passed away two years ago; his 7th birthday was yesterday. It made me sad, and made me want to hug my boys more-knowing just how much has transpired in the past two years. I wouldn't trade my crew for anything-each of them are a piece of our family-and without them, life wouldn't be as sweet.

I'm excited about summer, and the weeks ahead. We have fun times ahead and memories to make. Travels and adventure await. I often say I'll sleep when I'm gone, and how true that is. I don't want to be a passenger in life, I want to be the driver. I can't wait to see where the next bend takes me.

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