Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dave Ramsey would be proud

Then again, I already am. Yesterday we had our whole house attic fan and new attic/roof fan installed, and today both passed the city's inspection. I am thrilled beyond belief -it is the first home improvement project we have paid for in cash. No credit, no payments, nothing. Fully paid for in CASH. That is a wonderful feeling. $742 is now spent-but considering our average a/c bill last summer was $350 (and we still paid $100 per month for gas), the outgoing cost will reduce our energy bill, and we don't have to sweat it out at home.

I did all the homework on this project, and kept Robert abreast of it before giving the final go ahead. I had people come out, I researched fans, I compared vendors. I did it all. I told Robert this morning that having led this project is a defining moment for me being a grown up-even more so because of how we planned it ahead of time, saved, and then spent our money on it. The kids have heard us plan, discuss, go over how it was going to work. They saw people come out, saw the installation take place, and saw me pay the contractor. I am thrilled-thrilled because this is something that will benefit us and we are not going to owe anyone anything for it. Seriously I cannot get over that feeling. I will not be haunted every
time I pass by the fan and wonder how long it will take for us to pay it off-because it already is.

For anyone who thinks I'm boasting too much-oh well. No one can rain on my parade-this is huge for us. Onward and upward to our next home improvement project. And yes, it will be paid for in cash.

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