Friday, January 14, 2011

TV time

I'm struggling with the simplest of decisions-yet one that I almost feel I cannot make by myself-getting rid of our satellite service all together. Its already getting slashed in half tomorrow, so why not take the plunge and do the entire thing? Why is this such a problem? I have no problem going to the grocery store and buying just what we need to get through the week-bypassing the jelly that's not on sale but a want of my husband, and the sugary snacks begged on by one of three kids dangling from my arms, legs, cart. However, turning something off-just a wee bit scary. I already know that we give off the impression of living in the dark ages; we don't have gaming systems; we don't have big tvs, electronics, etc. Our kids don't have leapsters or dsis. Yet, we go out and do fun things. We explore nature, the library, the park. I may be a frugal shopper, and could possibly find great deals on these devices, but I don't want to buy something and just have it sit there-and my kids play with cardboard boxes, couch cushions, and junk and have active imaginations. Why not do it? Cutting it in half is the easy part-but changing up our system all together-just a wee bit scary. The roku would be free (thanks to all my survey site amazon gift cards) so really, we'd only have to pay the $7.99 for netflix per month (or $9.99 if we added in dvds). That's a lot less than the $30 we'll be paying next month. Wow-how ironic is it that having four kids and a chaotic house is managable, yet I'm flustered by something as easy as switching service providers.

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