Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Four children do a lot to a home. They fill it up with noise, chaos, spilled food, lots of laundry. There's also a lot of love and laughter filled too. This weekend was one of those weekends where everything was in overabundance-including my emotions. Its been a reality check in some ways having Rebecca-things that were important, aren't so much, and vise versa.
It used to be about meal planning, staying one load ahead of laundry, thinking of what fun stuff to do after school. Now to some degree, its there, but so is taking care of our kids in the long term.

I posted something on facebook that may have been taken out of context-or maybe I'm just reading too much into it-a picture of G after a mishap w/ the new set of clippers I purchased. I was so eager to try them out-wait-Robert was so eager to try them out, he had G sit down for a hair cut as soon as I opened the box from Amazon. Mind you-neither of us have ever clipped hair before, but we are willing to learn. The result isn't so bad now-but at the time, it looked like Robert had set a bowl on top of G's head and gone crazy w/ the clippers. Someone posted about how they knew saving money can go too far in my house. It bugged me-for a minute. Then again, I had to remember-Forget the Joneses. With R's mom's health issues, and our increase in health insurance fees, taking care of our health and the safety and well being of our children has been on our minds. We've looked at what we can trim from our budget in order to pay for life insurance and not live check to check between that cost and the decrease in our take home pay.

The first things that came to mind were satellite and hair cuts for the boys, among other things. It didn't hurt that our satellite cost was going up yet again, and I have become disenchanted with how much we pay and how little we watch. I bought (or giftcards) An update from my last post-I bought the Roku, have it set up-and we're going to try HuluPlus and Netflix with their trial periods, and see which one we prefer. I downgraded our satellite to the bare bones package, so until we decide what option we go with we'll pay $20 instead of $60 for service. I also purchased (with giftcards) a set of clippers, so we'll save an additional $40+ monthly, just by me clipping the boys hair. I can't obsess over what others do, or the choices they make. I know what I have to do for my children, and respect what others do for their own family. I rather learn from each other than cast stones-because that gets everyone nowhere-fast. So I'm taking a chill pill-and counting my blessings that I have four children that have made me see the big picture.

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