Thursday, January 6, 2011

One hour at a time

Today was Rebecca's GI appointment-I had high hopes that after the successful weigh in yesterday at her one month check up-8 lbs 1 oz-up from 6 lbs 11 (or 12) oz two weeks ago. Apparently, its not high enough-she should be at the 9 lb mark, given her length. I met w/ a dietitian who while I'm sure had no intent of making me feel bad-rattled my nerves when she said Rebecca wasn't getting enough intake of fluids-mind you, I see her cheeks getting fuller and she's alert more. Coupled with the frustration felt by having more of our paycheck cut this month to go for healthcare, I was in a sour mood leaving Children's hospital today-and then I saw him. The obviously ill child wheeled in off the ambulance into the hospital, and my inner grump ceased. Seriously-I'm complaining about us having more money taken out-and yet I get to have my child go home with me? Sigh....I'm thankful we don't have any credit cards, so we'll get by on what we take home. I'm thankful that we're stocked thanks to some generous friends with clothes for the first two years of Rebecca's life. I'm thankful that Elijah was playing with my (squishy) belly and commenting on how the baby was no longer in there but here instead. Really, I may be taking it hour by hour, dealing with this odd feeding schedule of a 6 week old, but life could be so much harder.

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Kelly said...

Hey I saw her pics on facebook and I thought she looked better. I could tell she had gained weight. Do they want you to do the high calorie formula or just feed her more often? You will get through this Jen and she will go back to an easier feeding schedule. I will be happy to babysit if you want some alone time. Hang in there.