Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Family update

The phrases I hear myself saying more each day are "Enjoy this time." "This too shall pass." "I'm the lucky one." Life has presented some challenges lately, but its nothing I can't tackle head on. Anytime I feel overwhelmed, or feel burdened somehow-I see these faces, my kids.

Such a pretty girl
Hilarious story, the boys had a friend over, and they all decided to pretend being pregnant. My friend and I cracked up "we're having a baby!" that would be a cute baby annoucement (but we're done here!)
My homemade Stampin' Up project from our technique day this month. I'm going to add a photo of Robert and I, and give it to him for Valentines Day. Love how it turned out :)
My sweet baby girl, 2 months old today!
Its game time!

She's my baby!
Life at home is chugging along. Robert went back to school last week, and I'm relieved that we figured out a good arrangement. He's carpooling with the professor (who we know in town) and I am going to watch her boys when she tutors Robert on the weekends. Who cares its a really full house, her three boys play with our three boys, and Rebecca and I chill out. I'm used to the never ending noise (except at 8pm, when it usually settles down). I was worried about how to manage dinner, homework, and babyhood. but it seems that as long as I have low expectations (we eat, we get homework done, and Rebecca gets her needs met) I can't ask for anything more.

We officially suspended our Directv and are checking out Netflix. As much as we've hemmed and hawed about going back when the trial is over-Robert and I both agree its not worth a $63 price tag. The Roku was easy to set up-and I loved using the amazon gift cards I earned through Swagbucks and Opinion Outpost Surveys to pay for it.

I have wondered if my love for stretching dollars and bargain hunting now is getting weird-and I say weird, because while I'm normally a bargain hunting person, I feel that sometimes it can get out of hand. I don't know why I feel I need to do it now more-wait, I know it has something to do w/ Robert's job, but to the extent that I feel I need to do it-maybe because it gives me purpose, or something positive to do instead of freaking out over Rebecca's weight (which will still be an issue until I get her checked out in the next couple of weeks), or it just helps with the shift in dynamics. Anyways, now I'm doing other things that I had never done before, cutting satellite was one, baking our bread, another. What's next? Maybe I just need to ignore that bit of self doubt aside, and push forward. I love seeing how friends are scoring awesome deals online and in stores, and it seems ridiculous to me to pay full price for something (but only because I love finding good deals.) Food for thought on this cold winter morning...

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