Monday, January 31, 2011

Dealing with the sickies

Sickness has been floating around here for the past week or so, its gotten old, fast. When there's no where to go because you're too sick to go (and/or don't want others to get sick) it makes life very simple. I was very blessed last week to have Robert come home early from work, as well as help out with the day to day stuff that takes place here. I feel like I got into a good groove with four children (and my expectations help too) so now that I've been out of commission again-well, its easy for the house to become a shambles. I wanted to throw in the proverbial towel a few times this week eating at home-yet didn't have the energy to pick up take out. The cash I normally have on hand isn't enough to have pizzas delivered for all of us (just enough for the produce at the farmers stands) so that was out too. We managed-lots of soup, raiding the well stocked pantry and freezer.

When we finally went out on Saturday for groceries, it was well overdue. Just getting out of the house was nice, but getting groceries as a family was nice too. I like having the extra hands-the input too-and we tend to be on the same page when it comes to what we're getting at the store. I also like our kids to see how we work as a team-even for something as mundane as grocery shopping. I think with all my thoughts about how I saw my parents growing up, and their approach to who did what, and the lack of communication-I have an appreciation for this randomness in our lives.

Later on that night, when my friend/Robert's teacher was visiting, we talked about groceries and kids, and how our boys (she has three of her own, the oldest just turned 8, the younger two are Matthew's and Elijah's age) are eating more with each passing week. I was taken aback by how Robert spoke of our taking turns cooking and how we shopped together-with love and pride. My friend was surprised-her husband doesn't do any of that-she does it all. She wished he would help, but he doesn't. :( It made me appreciate my husband that much more-because when he is home, he helps. Its not expected of him, but he does it because he sees how its better for all of us. I just want to say-I love this man, he loves me for my quirks, and I am truly blessed and thankful.

So with the last day of the month, I hope the sickness leaves our home. I'll air out the house in a bit, throw in some fixings for soup, and curl up with the ones home from school. Hopefully we'll all feel better soon.

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