Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor day weekend 9/4-9/6

This Labor Day weekend was a ton of fun. We started off bright and early and headed to a neighboring farm for grape, peach, and tomato picking. This has been a family tradition of ours (at least the grape picking part) for the past 4 years, since G was an toddler. This year the farm opened its peach orchard, and had tomatoes too, so we took advantage of that.

Our traditional picture w/ the grapes :)

R showing G how to cut the grapes off the vine.
Mmmm peaches!
Our little helper, and look at the size of that fruit!
E going for a ride down the lane.
Wow-we picked a ton of fruit! What to do w/ all that? Canning!
After our excursion, we were all zonked out the rest of the afternoon. I snapped this pic of E chilling out in his "boat".
I came by a few minutes later, and this is what I found :)
On Sunday, we all went to Miss H's house, and the boys have fun playing with C. H and I had a fun afternoon of girl talk, while R helped clean up her yard.
The table where the magic of prep work and our chats took place.
Peaches for jam!
Some of the spiced peaches we canned that afternoon, delish!
We were all tired after spending the day canning, but we had the opportunity to see a Fresno Grizzlies baseball game. My wonderful hubby was a good sport, and said load up the kids, and off we went!
M loved the game!
E and the other boys got to run the bases after the game was over. He did really well :)
G making his way back up after running the bases on the field.
Monday was a nice relaxing day. We headed to the outlets and bought the boys their fall shoes at Stride Rite. Its the only place we get their shoes, and they had a great sale. We left immediately afterwards-it struck me how different we are living now because now we didn't just want to walk the outlet and buy random stuff that we knew we didn't need-and our wallets thanked us. We did our weekly run at Winco-and came home and grilled up meat that I had marinated the night before. It was something nice to do after being on the go all weekend, and we all benefited from some downtime before our busy week.

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