Sunday, September 5, 2010

Birthdays, celebrations, new school year

Midway through August, the boys started school. Each are reaching their own milestones, and I've loved capturing those special moments for them. E is going to be in the preschool program this fall, learning so much, and talking up a storm. He's so verbal, he'll tell me everything he did and about his playmates. He's so different from his brothers, couldn't imagine life without my little boy.
G started kindergarten. He has been waiting for this day for so long, and it finally came. Its taken him a few weeks to adjust to a longer day, different types of center work, and new routines after having a summer full of fun activities. I feel more confident this time as a mom too, maybe because I went through it last year, so I know what to expect, and to cut us all some slack as we figure out how our afternoons will flow (at least until the baby comes in December)
M, my first grader. He was all smiles, has a wonderful teacher, and is quickly making friends. Homework is the biggest adjustment, going from weekly packets to daily homework, but it seems we're getting in a good groove. R's been working with him after dinner if we don't do it in the afternoon, and its nice to have us both becoming familiar with what's expected this year.

As a welcome escape from the heat of our hometown, we went to Monterey for the day, two days before my birthday. We met up with a woman I met a long time ago on a parenting message board, and her family. The two of us met for the first time face to face over Spring Break with the boys, and this time we had both of our families meet up at Dennis the Menace Park. The kids had a fantastic time, and we enjoyed not needing sweaters or being uncomfortable in high temperatures.

Here's R and I. I love him for so many reasons, the way he takes an active role in doing things with our children, and how he takes care of me. I definitely feel like as our family has grown the partnership between us has increased, and so has our love for each other. He is so excited about this baby, and loves how I let him find out what we were having even though I still don't know. I've found out through this experience, he really is able to keep a positive secret :)

After Dennis the Menace Park, both families went on the paddle boats. Here's Dana and myself, and behind us is my brother who met us in Monterey too, and E and G. We managed to get around the lake for a good spin, and I'm impressed that despite us both being 6 months pregnant we were able to go out as long as we did. It was a lot of fun!

Paddle boating made us hungry, and we didn't know what to do for dinner. We ended up at Bubba Gumps-and our big group of ten did really well there! It was a nice treat out for our family, considering we have eaten at home all month. R and I definitely enjoyed both of us having a night off from cooking for the kids, and the kids surprised us by eating all the food we gave them. Before we parted ways, we ventured over to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for some pictures and dessert. Here's a nice picture of Dana and myself.
The boys were thrilled that we bought them chocolate bars at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, a fun surprise!

All the boys from our two families, so excited that next year we'll have two babies join the group :)

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