Sunday, September 12, 2010


I started my weekly volunteering at M and G's school this week. It was a bit of an eye opener, and gave me a clearer perspective of all that's going on right now in school. I told R that even if I'm not able to continue helping out over the years inside the classroom, I really want to stay connected with the teachers and staff at the schools. Whether its by email, drop off/pick up, or phone, having that line of communication will add to my understanding of what is expected from my children and the needs of our schools. I filled out a nomination form for school site council w/ G's school right when we submitted the packet of information, and I was surprised at when I received a phone call on Friday telling me that I was voted in for one of the four spots. Robert was happy for me, and told me to let him know when I needed him to help out so I could go to the few meetings I'll attend this school year.

We went to the wrong location of our park day this week for Moms Club, but the weather was phenomenal. E had fun running around, and I met a few new moms at the park. One of them and I started talking about pregnancy (because she is due with her second this coming week) and we just talked how it was to adjust as time went on, and kids got older. Her little boy reminded me of M and how I felt when I was pregnant w/ G, it seems like a lifetime ago. It seriously made me wistful for those days-even though I remember they weren't all roses and sunshine. We certainly moved past those baby challenges, and now working our way through having two in school, with varying assignments, expectations, and personality differences when it comes to attitudes about school. Just thinking about all that's going on made me realize that we'll adjust to this new baby, and this new baby will adjust to us. Only 12 (wow, almost single digits!) weeks to go, and we'll have our blessing.

I was able to pull off having R's mom come here for Grandparent's Day at G's school on Friday. I used some of our monthly grocery budget towards her train ticket, and it was the best investment. Seeing G's face light up when Grandma opened the door, priceless! She was thrilled that we pulled off the surprise, and loved seeing my belly baby. She even loved feeling the baby kick and move around-and has her own prediction that we're having a daughter. We had a wonderful visit with her, and she always puts me at ease when she comes-I don't have to put on airs, and I always love to show her what new frugal tips I've taken on. It struck me how our relationship has evolved, when this time before she went home, I was the one sending food and pantry items home with her (because I knew her income has gone done, and it was something within our means to do) instead of how it was when R and I were first married with our first baby. During one of our more serious conversations, I told her I didn't mind if one day she ended up living w/ us vs going into an assisted living environment, because that's something we've had to discuss here at home. It hit home too when R looked at me after dropping off his mom at the train station, and said he didn't want her to go home. Talk about making me weepy! I am so glad I have this woman in my life, and I aspire to have the same relationship w/ whoever my sons are with in their later years.

Saturday was dampened by the events of Thursday night's devastating fire in an entire neighborhood and the events of 9/11/2001. I remembered the girl who died from my hometown and how she was a couple of years younger than myself. It makes me appreciate life that much more, the journeys and travels I've had, and how I've lived my life, no matter the bumps or detours that came my way. That memory, coupled with seeing entire rows of homes destroyed in the neighborhood fire, made me want to hug my boys that much tighter, and be thankful for what we have. It reminds me how trivial material possessions are in the grand scheme of life, and how I have chosen to value experiences and relationships more. I was reading this old Women's Day article about how money can't buy happiness but it can be used to buy things that contribute to greatly to happiness. It gave the example of buying a new pair of shoes "just because" not because of a need vs a train ticket to see a family member-and having that relationship/experience with another human being. It was a bit eerie for me, having just done that with the grocery money we had available.

We kept the rest of the day simple. We went to Woodward park, and got lost on our hike. A 2 mile walk turned into 4 miles, and it was a reminder to both of us to bring more refreshments than we had, as well as to remember where exactly we parked our van. The kids were good sports, and my body did amazingly well. I felt rejuvenated after the walk, but the nap afterwards was bliss too. Once we were home, I had time for a solo trip to the library, and picked up some extra books for the boys. Post dinner and showers at home, we chilled for the rest of the night-which was definitely needed after the few hours we spent at the park earlier in the day.

(Pictures will be added later once I upload them to the computer)

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