Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

This year was a memorable holiday, for the gifts that cannot be wrapped and placed under a tree. R's aunt came to visit, and it was loud, and fun, and lots of wine (and coffee) were poured. We focused on activities, long walks, seeing holiday lights around town, and relaxing! I cooked a lot this year, all the food, with the exception of the prime rib, was made by me. I thought it may be stressful, but I loved it. We finished up our baking, and pased out treats to our neighbors. I think it caught some of them offguard, but there were smiles aplenty. We made sugar cookies for Santa, and Santa brought the boys books and coloring books. We enjoyed the cookies and food sent to us by my dad's girlfriend and our neighbors. Christmas day was spent lounging, watching holiday movies, walks, and then I cooked-a lot! Even through all of it, I still managed to take a nap on Christmas Eve, and one on Christmas Day, and oh it was wonderful! Here are some pictures which capture these memories.

Christmas Eve baking is a family affair-Daddy included!

Mommy and boys cookie making!

Look at those plates of goodies-five houses had some awesome treats!
Ready to make cookie deliveries!
No tree this year with all the repairs to the house, but Santa left treats!

A new book for Matthew!

New books for Gabriel!

Elijah took forever to open up his new book!

Homemade treats from Zadie and MaryAnn was the best present!
The boys got an activity set from Zadie and MaryAnn!

Elijah with Aunt Kathleen enjoying his new toy from Zadie and MaryAnn(a keychain that wiggles when the string is pulled!)

The cinammon rolls our neighbor delivered to us on Christmas morning! They were still hot from the oven, and oh so good!

So happy to have slept in until 7:40 am, a wonderful Christmas present from the boys!

Sneaking to eat some treats!

Matthew making Christmas Dinner dessert for the family.

Elijah making another dessert for Christmas Dinner.

Our full oven-full of good eats!

Jennifer getting the table set for Christmas Dinner

Jennifer's cooking-oh sooooo delish!

The boys eating Christmas dinner.

The adults at Christmas dinner.

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