Sunday, November 29, 2009

November wrap up-picture style

Thw month began on a low note. This is what a hot water pipe can do when it bursts in a concrete slab of the foundation of a home. The whole carpet area from the wall to the rear of the dresser was wet. The bathroom had water coming up into it, and the carpet surrounding it became wet too.

The water leaked through half the hallway, and into the master bedroom (along the wall) and in both bathrooms.

The water damage from another view.

On a higher note, R celebrated his 47th birthday. R always reminds me that the best birthday present he gets is knowing he's a father-after waiting 20+ years to get married, and have children, his children are his treasures.

Mr. E turns two-no sippy cups, no cut up food, he is Mr. Independant all the way. Our world would be much quieter (and a lot less interesting) without him, so we are definitely blessed to have him with us.

These two guys have their birthdays just one day apart. I think G loves it even more because it guarantees an extra day of birthday celebration.

G at preschool. Hard to believe that next fall he'll celebrate his birthday in kindergarten! He's so active, so different from his older brother, and I love how he has boundless energy.

I'll never forget giving birth to him alone in the hospital w/ just the standby ob present, and telling R when he arrived 20 min later that he had another son. I definitely think those early minutes with G have forged an incredible bond, and his coming quickly reinforced how he has kept me on my toes all these years.

R with M outside of Donuts with Dad. It was such a cold morning, but we were all up at 5am so we could go, and I helped out passing out donuts to all the kids and dads. It was truly a memorable experience.

Mr E at preschool, waiting for cupcakes to be passed out for his birthday.

No coaxing needed, E knew what was needed, and he went for it. Love my little boy!

This picture is bittersweet. It is the last one I have of any of my boys in this room at the preschool. Five years, three boys, and grad school and work under my belt, the team of women that have helped guide me through parenthood and its challenges have remained unchanged since M was there long ago, and they truly are our extended family.

M and his soccer coach at the team dinner-always the one running the wrong way, yet alway heard kind and positive reinforcement from his coach-and by the end-he was running fast, and the right way too! We definitely received support to continue soccer in the years ahead, which we are eager to do-and with R as assistant coach!

G and his teammates at his soccer dinner; three and four year olds have boundless energy, and G learned how to be a good teammate.

My favorite Thanksgiving ritual-the family dinner at our preschool. This was the first year all our boys actually sat (and ate) their dinner together.

My two younger brothers and me with our boys. Pictures like this make me appreciate having a large family today,

Our holiday picture for this year. I took it locally at one of our favorite parks, and it reminds me of how active our family really is. Always on the go, in sweaters and sweats, on the move to the next big adventure. This is the image I've held in my mind through all the chaos of the past month, knowing that whatever came our way, nothing was more important than preserving the love and care for this family.We may not spend any money this holiday season, but I certainly feel richer than I ever have before.

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