Saturday, October 3, 2009

The fall schedule

Today was the first weekend of fall, and boy did it feel good! Despite M falling sick yesterday at school, and staying home w/ him today, it was really nice to have a hang out at home day. Life is busy during the week, and while we manage to keep ourselves on track, its nice to let loose after soccer games and just enjoy our downtime. Given that M was sick, I stayed home and R accompanied G to his soccer game, with granola bars and fruit juice for his teammates. It was nice having it ready to go, no last minute wondering what I was going to give, or how much it was going to cost, just pulled it from the pantry, and off they went. E stayed home too, and enjoyed some brotherly bonding over matchbox cars and horsey games, not to mention dancing to the radio too.

So this past week is what I hope is a strong, busy season for our family. MS has picked up, as well as auditing. I'm hoping that I can land a job w/ the skills I've picked up, but at the least, it pays and it always gives me a challenge, which I personally need. I also picked up a full day of subbing this week, and have a couple days lined up for next week. I almost had a panic attack when M fell ill at school yesterday-normally I'm the one that deals with the kids when they're sick, but R is showing his full on support for me to reenter work, so he left work right after he got the phone call at 10am (since I didn't realize the school had called me first, and I missed the first call!). Mommy guilt aside, when I came home at 3pm, all was good. R had the windows open, M was on the couch w/ a bucket and cup of chilled water nearby, and the house was quiet. I've never doubted that my husband was not a capable father, but seeing how he handled it, without any leading, coaching, nothing from me, I was in awe. He reassured me that if this happens again, we'll manage, he knows how unpredictable my work is, but on the upside its helping us pull through what has been a trying time. Love my partner!

So work will be work, and we'll manage when the kids get sick. We have a few field trips this month, and I've already penciled in when I need to be where. I'm not worried about the cost, all the eating at home is paying off, and what we would spend on even a fast food meal will cover the cost of the field trips for the kids. We have PTA, soccer, Moms Club activities, and Halloween activites too. I'm looking forward to making costumes with the boys, M is so excited we're making his costume, and G keeps telling me he's going to be a space man too. I love how my kids are easy to please, and for the most part, go with the flow. We may not go out to eat often, or go to activities that require paid admission, but we have a good time and know family comes first.

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