Friday, September 11, 2009

Motherhood, now

The past week has been a swirl of emotions, everything from pure bliss to pure chaos. I hope part of it is PMS, or dare say next week will be another emotional week (but on a happier note for sure). Anyways, this week has been trying. For the most part, we've been grooving with school and schedules, but something is happening-more work. More homework (not work in the class), and while it doesn't seem difficult, its not basic tracing and cutting and pasting. I totally understand how kids learn different ways, but there comes a point where I wonder, wow this is a lot of work. I spoke up yesterday with the teacher, along with another parent (whose daughter is smart and eager to learn) and had the same issues as me. We found out that we need to speak up, give the teacher feedback-she said sometimes she gives more work than can be done in three days (since homework is turned in on Thursday mornings). Then to add to it, M turned in his homework packet on Thursday (half completed) even though the teacher apparently told the kids that homework was due on Friday due to the shortened school week. Already I'm writing notes to the teacher explaining why the remainder of the packet wasn't finished; she told me this afternoon not to worry about the missed papers, M is doing fine, and she saw my note in his green daily folder.

Soccer, the one activity I have the boys in, is a lot. And its just the two older boys. Then w/ Gabriel yesterday, on the car ride home, a completely dirty, sweaty mess, he was grinning ear to ear, and said how much fun he just had. Made all of the driving back and forth and expense completely worth it.

Babies are on the brain. A friend of mine just found out she's due with number 5 (yes, number 5!) next spring. She has two older school age that are just a couple years older (8 and 6) than Matthew, one that's almost 4, a 6 month old, (all are boys) and a new bundle on the way. When I heard the news, the first thing that came to mind was how lucky she really is. Not how crazy she is, or how is she going to do it, or how is her and her husband going to afford this additional child, but real joy for her. She is a devoted mom, has a great husband, been staying at home for years, and is always on the go. Even while pregnant this last time, and even more this summer with a young infant. Everyday she was out and about, sometimes doing overnight trips with all her kids w/ another mom and their kids. It was mindblowing to say the least. Hearing the news made me think-what if we went for another one? What if I became pregnant now? I am not leaning for it by any means, but yet I know we would make it work. I'm not trying to play keeping-up games, nor do I want to try for a girl. I'd feel blessed either way. R's concern is age, and to some extent, finances too. Yet he knows we'd make it work, because until we finally go for a permanent end, anything can happen (and no, I don't need a lecture on b.c methods, we're good there).

Finally today was Grandparents Day. The schools here goes all out, invites the grandparents to visit the school, and spend time with their grandchild. M's teacher was awesome-had treats and the kids did a 15 minute presentation on some of the things they've been learning in school. Totally adorable! I loved how many grandparents came, about 20 for the 25 kids. I did ask M to "share" his grandma, and my MIL was so friendly, I think it helped put some of the kids in a better frame of mind. M was all smiles, and enjoyed the one on one time with his grandma. I think he also liked the $1 Chutes and Ladders game and 25 cent Scholastic books (same style from his school book order!) we got at the thrift store today from her too.

This weekend will be very busy, but very fun. Tomorrow is the kick off for soccer, and we get to participate in a fun community event for it. Love that! Then we have our first two games throughout the morning. The day will end with us going to Sac town for the night to bring Grandma home, and enjoy a visit with our cousins and my SIL. I'm looking forward to it all, and love how we've done everything we can to make it a frugal weekend.

Thats the up and down, all around post for the past week. Life is busy with the boys, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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