Monday, September 21, 2009


Oh baby, the bug has hit. Holding a cute little one at playgroup this morning (even though E was not having it, clingy and whiny about it) was part of it. Then again, coming home and dealing with the madness that is three kids, I wondered what the heck I am thinking-three kids have my house/life in chaos-and that will never end-even those with three (or more) older kids say the madness never subsides. What the heck are me and DH thinking considering having one more? Its a matter of time, if its meant to be its meant to be, I keep saying that, but I definitely think I'm leaning towards letting nature take its course. This in between stage is driving me nuts. Think its time to send out more resumes, and still go with getting rid of all the extra baby stuff (w/ E all we used was the pack and play and double stroller). With my luck I'll get a job just as i find out I'm pregnant (like I got my acceptance letter to grad school when I found out I was pregnant w/ #2, and i still went on to get pregnant with #3 before I graduated), and get rid of the baby clothes. I'd say I need to take a deep breath, but last time I said that (way long ago), I ended up pregnant. Hmmm food for thought as I take time to pause and think (w/o breathing too deep)-or is that totally impossible?.

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Jilse said...

Good luck. I am having the same issues. Baby lust, the go ahead from Mike, but total cold feet. I wish you much luck in making your decision. =)