Sunday, August 9, 2009

Summer weekend

This weekend went quickly, in the blink of an eye. We did a weekend jaunt to Sacramento, the weather was beautiful, and not too warm, and the scenery was green (compared to the brown we see here this time of year). I spent time with my MIL and Robert's aunt, had a trip to IKEA to buy the coat hanger for M's closet), and enjoyed a homemade dinner of meatballs and spaghetti and homemade apple pie. It was a nice visit, and gave me inspiration for the dreams I want to accomplish as I get older.

We went grocery shopping today, and I rocked the Kellogs cereal deal. I also replenished our pantry which we've been living out of this summer, as I haven't gone to Vons in nearly 6 weeks. Its been a nice break, but I loved getting some much needed pantry items for dirt cheap. I also found food for the food pantry in town; we'll drop that off this week. After, we hit up Costco for our pershisable needs, and then came home. It was quite freeing not needing to go shopping for school supplies this week, although I'll hit Walgreens this week for their $5 backpacks for the fundraiser this weekend. I was hoping they would go on sale, as I knew it would go nicely with all the school supplies we've acquired in the past month. I'm keeping my eyes open for a durable label maker, other than that, M and G have several lunch boxes here to choose from, as well as our collection of backpacks, so we're good to go for preschool and kindergarten. Its hard to believe how fast this past year went, seems like just yesterday M was going to pre-k, and now its G's turn with M's teachers, and M is off to new adventures. E is growing up too, looking forward to perhaps him going into the toddler program when he turns two in the fall. He's already loving the space and the teachers, he is just too young to be there-so much for being a baby, or wanting to stay in one place, that kid wants to do fun stuff! Wow, more reason to soak up the summer while we can.

We came home for naps, and then had a free dinner at Cattlemans Steakhouse. The boys were well behaved, and everyone had a nice time. The report was simple, and it was a nice break from eating at home. This week we'll be doing more of that, except for when I go to the mountains tomorrow (or the water park, haven't decided yet) and Monterey on Wednesday (or Friday, depending on playgroup). We'll adjust, I bought healthy no cook food at Vons today, so we may just pack a picnic dinner with us. It'll be a full, adventurous week, and I am looking forward to making more summer memories with my boys.

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