Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Grooving, or so I think

After this past week, I feel that having a school age child is similar to having a baby, all over again. The great unknown is upon us, lots of paperwork, appointments, not knowing logistics besides the bare minimum, eat, sleep, and shower, and a level of chaos-or at least that's how its been during the past week. Life was forever changed when we went to orientation last week, and I don't think any of us really had a clue as how even though some things stayed the same, a lot changed. Getting into a groove has been a challenge, if only because there are three little boys who have their own set of expectations and needs and one set of parents to figure how to meet them. That is a mouthful right there! I felt like I needed to take a break from blogging, if only to help get the kids on track. Now it feels like we're on a more even keel, so I can resume some things that help me stay sane.

This past week we've experienced a shift in our family dynamics. M and G appear to be more independant, wishing to do more, be more involved, and while that's great to have helpers, well, it takes getting used to. E's going through a new developmental phase, so his attitude and demeanor are evolving, combined with a push for more independance too. R's off at school and work a couple nights a week, and those make for long days, and longer nights. We are tweaking a routine that seems to work for us, keeping our household flowing, with more laughter and less fraught nerves, making for organized chaos.

I've found the Flylady approach to doing dishes and laundry the night before (my shiny sink) and preparing lunch (and crock pot dinners too)the night before makes our mornings and days relaxed. I have been utilizing the crock pot for dinners on soccer practice nights, and that has made a world of difference (in comparison to the first night that was stress city for me). I have also set aside space for M and G to have their soccer and backpack items, feeding on their desire on independance and my need to really let go of the control and assist in them being responsible for their possessions. We're taking a relaxed approach to activities, doing Moms Club, playgroup, and soccer. Other things will come into play, PTA, side work, trying to make "me" time, stuff will come up. Its not an easy adjustment by any means, but last night I felt like I could finally breathe, I knew what is beginning to work, and how it brings a sign of peace to our family. I can reintroduce things that were fun and get us out of the house more. The weather will be cooling down soon, I hope, and while I love hanging out with the kids at home, hanging out with friends at the park or just getting out of the house for the morning and afternoon make a world of difference for all of us.

So getting into a groove-it's happening. Just like having a baby, life was turned upside down. But like it did with having M, life resumed, and did as well after our other two boys. Now we're on the road to enjoying this new adventure, and all the trials and tribulations that come with it.

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