Sunday, May 10, 2009

Weekly roundup

This week has been a buzz of activity; not so much because we've been away doing things, but because the weather has been fantastic, we're outside more! We've had playdates at the park, playdates at the house, venturing out to explore our surroundings, and having a great time.

M's birthday was wonderful. I suprised his preschool class with pizza and cookies. M was thrilled, I was thrilled, and the kids were polite and well behaved. After that, we took the car for an oil change (coupons used!), and I was suprised that M enjoyed watching the mechanics, talk about free entertainment! We finished up the afternoon by picking R up from school, and having a late lunch/early dinner at happy hour. M was excited because he had icecream served in a martini glass, topped with a cherry. He was one happy 5 year old!

Yesterday R worked, and we met with friends at the park. The weather was great, kids were well behaved, and a good time was had by all. We splurged on lunch at Taco Bell, and the four of us ate for under $8 (coupons used!) We headed home for naptime, and we played inside with cars, and the ever present police officer make believe. We had dinner out w/ R courtesy of a mystery shop, and came home where we all fell asleep early.

I'm hopeful for a restful Mother's Day, or at least one where I get the day off from cooking. So far, so good. Hope everyone is enjoying themselves :)

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