Monday, May 25, 2009


Oh to travel by car is divine! We found our newest place to go-better than any theme park and free (because we are zoo members)-the Oakland Zoo! Hands down, the most incredible zoo-and an astounding change in temperature. While F town was toasty at 86degrees at 5pm, we were in 55 degree weather a few hours earlier, only 3 hours away. To heck with buying theme park tickets, head in the car and go to the zoo (and an amazing array of animals not seen at our zoo too!)

We went to Santa Crux for family pictures. They turned out beautiful! Go to, password allenbeach2009. They look a bit pixilated (is that a word?) on the computer, but the prints are aways awesome. And for the record, the cost by the print is not what we pay (we order through our photographer, not the site) Otherwise, ouch!

While passing through the mountains we found places where we can rent cabins for the weekend. Family friendly environment, lots of things to do nearby (or nothing to do, depending on how you see it), and much cooler temps (even cooler than the mountains near here). We're going to consider it for August, maybe later, maybe even a multiple family trip-or sibling trip-as I'm the only one w/ kids. Either way it has a potential for being fun.

Finally, my sister proposed a trip for my 30th birthday-a girls trip to Vegas! No kids, no husband (boyfriend for her), nada. Can we pull it off? R is open to watching all 3 boys ALONE for a couple of nights so we can go. I've been thinking of how I want to start off this new chapter, and this sounds like a great way. I've done a lot in my 20s (college, marriage, kids, more college), and I am excited to start my 30s with new adventues ahead. So I'm going to start looking up airfare, and see what hotel options are. One thing about my sister-she knows I loves a bargain. Oh the things we can do-lounge by a pool, window shopping, see a show. Even eat a hot meal. Sleep in-then again, does anyone sleep in Vegas? Hmmmm....the sound of going sounds more appealing as I think about it.

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Jilse said...

I LOVE the pics!! I can't even tell you how many favorites I have. Matthew playing on that log. The boys walking down the trail. All of you walking along the beach. The shots of the boys individually with the ocean behind. Soooo wonderful!!!

Vegas sounds Awesome!!! I think that it is a must!! You won't regret it I am sure.