Sunday, May 17, 2009

Summer eats

I love summer food and drinks. Let go of the heavy dishes, bring out the salads, the grilled entrees, the fresh veggies and fruit. We hit up Vons for our weekly trip, and I loved the deals. Fresh veggies (since we used up the squash yesterday and today-we'll need to buy a lot more next week!) and fruit. 90% lean ground beef for under $2/lb (thanks to those nifty 50% off stickers!) and lean pork chops for under $1.25/lb lb (thanks to those 50% off stickers, plus on sale!) Complete with turkey hot dogs (and all beef ones too-both were sale+coupon!), we'll have our grill going with some yummy things this summer. I bought Cheerios, both for our breakfast and snack-that will last us quite awhile. We stocked up on mustard and salad dressing (yet again-love it with sliced veggies!) and all is well. I even splurged and bought two bottles of apple juice-I want to make juice pops for the boys, and remember my mom freezing juice in molds. Along with the pasta (love homemade macaroni salad!), biscotti for my tea, and salsa for our chips, it was a great shopping trip. I spent $47.13, with a savings of 65% (a combined savings of 58.98 from the club card and 27.67 from coupons, total 86.65) I was thrilled, even more so since our meat supply was dwindling.

And one last thought, my blender has found a new home on our kitchen counter-replacing my Senseo coffee maker for the season. I love smoothies, so in sight, in mind.

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