Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Starting at the bottom

is how I feel sometimes. There's so much I want to do, as an individual, mom, wife, the list is never ending. I sometimes struggle with not just what I want, but how I want to go about and do it. Its easy to get whipped in a frenzy-or stay stuck in a moment, scared of what to do first. I've been working on that a lot, offering help, yet not having a "I'm in control, get out of my way" vibe. I hope this will bear good results, or at least a calmer, saner me.

First, summertime activities. I put in for the boys to be at the preschool's summer program twice a week. They love seeing their friends, and the center is gearing up for fun activities. I've offered to help out, both in aquiring supplies (which in part is collecting my recycable items for art activities), and with my time. Even if the boys are there twice a week, we may go there an extra day as a family if I do an art/cooking/chaparone an event for the kids. Leaving the door open lets me gain foothold into what's going on at the center, and will help me figure out what we'll do in the fall.

Speaking of fall, we did learn that the center is up for sale-(R spoke to one of the owners) but supposedly it will sell only if they get a good offer. While doing some detective work, I learned there is another center in town for sale (the one that was an alternate for E if I didn't use where we were at). There's also trouble brewing at two other preschools in town-low enrollment, high cost of maintaining facilities, its a sign of the downward economy. For right now, the owners are considering laying teachers off at our center now to reduce the financial pressure; other facilities in town are already doing that, so it wouldn't come as a shock. At the same time, we've had little turnover of staff since we've been there, and the entire staff is part of our extended family. I'm going to stick with the staff, support wherever I can, to ensure this place still exists. My children have benefited tremendously from this place, and its an assett to our community. Time will tell, but I hope parent support will pull through in this difficult time.

That said, I decided to have have us participate in a fun activity at a preschool co-op this summer. I want to foster the boys love for knowledge, and this will help them thrive. It'll also allow me to check out another place in case our current preschool shuts down (or makes changes that we can't live with).

That's it for summer-I'm not signing the boys up for more; it leaves the door (and money) open for something in the fall, as well as gives us the freedom to go on day trips to the mountains and coast (both are inexpensive).

The other thing I'm working on is trip to H town with two playgroups. I'm excited, hoping we pull off this coordinated effort. At the least it's one last hurrah w/ one group, and maybe another group can make it an annual event. At this point, I feel I've done what I can, and know that whoever comes will come; regardless, the boys and I will have a blast.

Here's to summer, I know its going to be a great one!

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Jilse said...

It sounds like you have some good plans for summer this year. I am sure the boys are going to have a great summer no matter what!